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Post by Eriquel on Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:02 am

Eriquel's Characters Anime_boy_with_sword_640x360_00005_by_knightshade098-d6suntg

Name: Chief Eriquel

Race: Aura-Enhanced Human

Age: Twenty-Five

Personality: Kind, "White Knight", Honor bound, Stubborn, Hot Headed when dealing with specific subjects..

Bio:Just like his family lineage, he feels as if it is almost required to keep honor between everyone. Be kind, be polite in your speech and actions, help anyone that you can if you have the time, and always keep things equal between everyone that you know. There is not one person that Chief sees as different or unequal, even if they are of a lower living status.

As mentioned earlier, his family is essentially honor bound. This is mainly because they find it unfair to those who have less to be treated differently, or when in battle for one who has less skill to be paired with someone who overrides their abilities. As such, while they teach sword arts, they withhold the more dangerous and powerful ones from their young ones. Some have even gone so far as to scatter them throughout the Omni-Sphere, hoping that no one would use them for the worst intentions.

These scrolls and writings are in a language that only the family of the Eriquel can decipher, as it is taught to them as a second language. The contents would contain how to unlock different Auras and Sword Arts used to slay those who would stand against them, or so it is rumored among the family.

Out of the most promising, Chief has made his stand. Looking to his elders, the man smiled upon them with a nod and headed out in search of these scrolls with a gemstone tied around his neck. He was told it would glow when he was near a scroll, hopefully giving him a better chance at finding it, his mind was filled with hopes and dreams.. and his wallet filled with plenty of money to tie him over between the towns.

Skill set:
-Sword arts, all of these arts require a double edged sword.-

Duo-Cleave: A sword swing that appears as if it's going to be coming from one side, but as it changes it's course, the blade attempts to through the opposing side only to go back the same direction.

Deflective Edge: In tandem with an Aura, the user gains a danger-sense and it allows them to be able to see what is an immediate threat to their life in a small area around them, essentially heightening their animalistic senses. Mainly used to stop projectiles, but can be used for blades. Down side is becoming over whelmed.

Senketzen: The user slows their breathing, focusing mainly on defensive measures. While this is similar to Deflective Edge, this is more a stance that allows ease of parrying. Down side is they need to stay focused on a single target.


Endurance: A passive buff that gives Chief the ability to ignore his physical limit for telling him he can't do something, giving him a physical resistance to his pain receptors and allowing him to over clock his stamina.

World: Pendorma

Home(Continent, Town): Sylvania, Quill

Goddess in Worship: Aurethia

(May include more information at a later date if requested or I feel up to drawing the world map..)

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