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Q,R, and other characters

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Q,R, and other characters

Post by QandR on Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:29 pm

Names: Q and R the Carnivore twins

Nickname: Carny Twins

Age: Shortly after the creation of time and space

Species: Carnivore

Bio: The Carnivore twins are a part of race of ancient creatures said to be the grand children of those who creature time and space its self. Although not confirmed, it known they are ancient planet eating monsters capable of devouring nearly everything within existence. They roam around multi-verse eating and feeding off other creatures in order to increase their powers and the numbers of their species.

Despite their violent nature, the twins are very quiet caring and open to other creatures no matter their differences. They show habits willing to protect and care others not of their races many times in the past. However duo to the long history the duo have suffered through they have only one iron clad rule that all they meet must follow.

Your either their friends or their food.

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