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Character Introduction: Arijon Luis

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Character Introduction: Arijon Luis Empty Character Introduction: Arijon Luis

Post by Ethos Prime on Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:09 am

Character Introduction: Arijon Luis Maninblackhat

Name: Arijon Luis

Age: Roughly 200yrs

Race: Vampire

Ah, Bonjure and welcome Sirs and madam's to this, my humble character page! My author seems to have been kind enough to believe that i should have a second chance! As such, i have been asked to tell you a little about myself in order for you to get a better understanding of who i am. So, while this may be a break of the Masquerade, i do hope that you will find what i have to say as entertaining as it will be educational! Now, without further a due, let us get started yes?

Now, let us start at the beginning, yes? The year was 1789, and i was a simple bachelor enjoying himself to a night on the town, as was my right in those days! The fact that the streets were on fire should be of no consequence. Yes it was the start of the french revolution and yours truly was a freedom fighter! Leading the charge against the tyrannical monarchy that had oppressed us and lending power back to the common folk such as yourself! I admit my methods may have been a little extreme. sometimes claiming the lives of the brave men and women who had so willingly given their lives for the cause. Taken in a beautiful burst of fire and gunpowder! To this day, i honor them and every other that gave their lives for the sake of the common man.

Such were the times and i a product of them. It wasnt long that the Monarchy discovered my identity and sent me to rot deep within the dungeons of Paris. It was here that i was to await my execution. Finally Le Mad Bombardier de Paris had been caught and his death would serve as an example to la rébellion! You see, the swine had lay a trap for me and as a fool often does, i fell into it. It wasnt a proud moment in my life, but the Lord works in mysterious ways, ami. So, captured, tortured, and awaiting death i was certain that this was the end! Pauvres bougres, they should have killed me when they caught me. Because not unlike a rat in a cage, your dear friend Arijon always finds a way out and escapes.

It was in the dead of night that he came, a tall man dressed in the finest clothing that money could by and smelling of the sweetest perfume that had ever lay its scent across my nose that i had ever smelt! His name was Albelino and he was my salvation! He told me of a world beyond the one that i knew. Of a world that operated in the shadows of the night and an organization that sought to aid in the revolution! He told me that if i served this organization that he would make me more than i was. He would give me everything i needed to complete my war against les pouvoirs qui seront. He would make me what i am today. He would make me Kindred... Vampire...

Albelino, my bird of freedom. I will never forget the feeling of his embrace nor the exhilaration as my body and soul both were damned at once. As i was made a new i swear to this day, even as i heard the gates of heaven lock shut i could hear ma pauvre mère cries as she watched from paradise. I had made my choice, the Lords domain was lost to me long before i made this choice. I only hope that her soul has found peace with what i am as i have. The ecstasy, the pleasure, such that i had not dared to dream i would experience as a mortal. Such is the change. Hell if everyone knew how wonderful the feeling of selling your soul was, more might do it.

True to his words, i was back in the saddle, as the Americans say. With the help of the Carthian Movement i was given access to weapons and chemicals that i could only ever dream of with no payment required other than their use! It was glorious! The revolution had become my own opera! I was the conductor! The sounds of explosions and gunfire my orchestra! All of France my audience! It was magnifique! The sites, the sounds! Wonderful shades of fiery orange mixed with the screams of men as they drew their last breaths! Within a decade since the conflicts start, the war was over and your dear friend Arijon was out of a job it would seem. Not that i minded much, the people were to be left in charge of themselves and la démocratie was to take hold.

That was the plan given to me by Albelino and the Carthians. However, if it is one thing that my years of unlife have taught me it is that those who possess power are not quick to relinquish it as i was soon to learn.
Napoleon, that insufferable cochon d'un homme. He had become the face of the revolution and when it came time that the war had ended he instead decided to raise an empire in his name!

This was not what i had fought for, this was not what i had traded my soul for. No, the Carthians had betrayed me by putting him in power! They defended him so much, stating that he would be a just and honorable ruler! They had simply traded one tyrannical power for another and it appeared that i was the only one who saw such things. Before i left them though, i begged Albelino to come with me. Together we could have made our dream of a democratic France a reality! He called me a madman... He threatened to turn me into the prefects of the Movement and in a panic i drove my blade through his heart. I still remember the look on his face as i did, watching him turn to dust and the feeling of his ash on my hands.

I had killed my only friend and with his death i felt a freedom that i had never before! Like the weight of the world was finally off my shoulders and in this moment i suffered the truest of epiphanies! The Lord works in mysterious ways, mon ami. This was the reason i had been saved from death all those years ago! To fight injustice and ceux au pouvoir for eternity! I was an agent of the people's freedoms, an agent of chaos. Quickly i gathered my things and ran, fighting Napoleon and his armies all over Europe before i was finally caught on the Spanish Isles. Once more they had made a mistake. Once more they should have killed me when they had the chance.

I was tried as a traitor to the Carthian Movement and France! My punishment? To be put starved until torpor and my coffin locked away in the now abandoned Bastille. I would be awakened to fight when the time was needed. I had become the Carthians greatest weapon and their most hidden mistake As i starved i remember thinking to myself about the choices i had made. I reflected on the lives i had taken and, for a brief moment, i almost regretted it all. Part of me wished i had been executed all those years ago. However, your friend Arijon is nothing if not a fighter. I remember smiling as the dark clouded my mind. I would play their game and sleep as long as they wanted me too. For the Lord would not let his tool go to waste i knew. As such, i embraced the dark and fell into sleep.

For nearly two-hundred years i slept as the world changed around me. Empires rose and fell, wars were fought and won, men and woman carried out their lives as normal. Within that time, i had been moved on several occasions apparently. For when i awoke i was not in Paris as i remembered, but in a desert city somewhere in the Americas. I remember the smell of blood is what woke me. The train that was carrying my coffin had been attacked by bandits seeking the valuable cargo that was on board. One of them must have cut their hand or something when trying to remove the iron chains that bound me. My first drink in centuries. I was delighted to say the least and, as a gentleman, ensured that their deaths, as well as everyone else's, was as painless as possible.

From there, i wandered the earth once more. My story is far from over and i feel it will continue for centuries more to come! So, now that you know the story of Arijon i hope that we can be friends, comrades even. Though, if you are reading this then it doesnt matter. We shall be seeing each other quite soon. So, until then, dont forget to keep your windows locked, say your prayers before bed, and check the closet for the boogie man. He may just be coming for you and you do not yet know it.
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