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    The Birth of the Citadel

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    The Birth of the Citadel Empty The Birth of the Citadel

    Post by Erathis on Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:30 pm

    The Main Story
    The Void.

    Before time and space. Before any living thing and soul was even made, there was the void. An infinite nothingness that spanned across the Omni verse. Within this void was one simple conscious being. This was the void itself. The void was a being of immense power but also a being that was alone. It did not think nor did it have feelings other than that it was aware that it was alone. That one simple awareness caused a massive blast of energy to spark from within this void. Changing it, evolving it. It reshaped it into what was now called The Omega Omni sphere.

    The Omni sphere.

    The Omega Omni sphere The Omega Omni sphere is forever the largest thing ever conceptualized and imagined by man or by anyone. It is absolutely everything imaginable, unimaginable, possible, impossible, existent, non-existent, known, unknown, thinkable, unthinkable, created, uncreated, discovered, undiscovered, fictional, nonfictional, seen, unseen, written, unwritten, perceived, unperceived, said, unsaid, heard, unheard, read, unread, visible, invisible, stoppable, unstoppable etc...An absolute omega infinity number of other things, absolutely everything beyond and absolutely everything. The Omega Omni sphere is every alternate reality, every world, every multiverse, every omniverse, every Godverse, every force, every being, every endless chain, every endless hierarchy, every other words, just everything. There is only one Omega Omni sphere, and nothing can be outside the Omega Omni sphere, by definition. If something is discovered outside the Omega Omni sphere, it just means that what we thought was the Omega Omni sphere gets a little bigger to include the new discovery. The Omni sphere has created what modern life has come to know as the Omni verse. Every Realm, every race, every god and goddess was made by the Omnipshere. In time the Sphere took a name and a female from known as Erathis. She watched over everything s it made up her body. Every star, planet and system made her physical form.
    The Celestial Wars
    Erathis watched the other gods and goddesses form new worlds and realms in each verse. It was a grand time but there was one thing she failed to notice. With her new creation came with it emotions and with emotions came hate and greed and lust. The other gods waged war for control of the many starts and systems within the many verses. This was known as the Celestial wars. The war raged on for hundreds upon thousands of years causing mass chaos and destruction. The many beings took sides. This formed the first boundary of good and Evil, but Erathis could not choose…She knew one side would consume the other and inevitably destroy itself. So she took on both aspects of the split. She was both good and evil in perfect balance. If one side grew stronger she would even out the odds keeping the war from ever having a true victor. But something had to be done to stop all the destruction.

    The First Ones
    Not all the gods fought. A small few isolated themselves only to show face to speak with Erathis herself. One single planet in the center of the universe known as Gaia. It was here that these isolated beings learned to control the power they had not to destroy but to create. Thus the very first soul was made and was given life to a new race known as The First ones. They were frail and weak. But they had the ability to adapt and learn. Erathis saw this and found a way to end the celestial wars. Soon all the most powerful beings gathered together to speak with Erathis and a choice was settled on. Each god and goddess would pick a world. They would gather other fellow deities and form pantheons to govern each planet. It was now a war of faith as each member of a pantheon would choose a mortal hero to fight in his or her name. It was a war of souls.

    The Ascension

    The First one evolved and split into many other races with uniqueness and power known only to them. Among them were Humans, Elves, Dwrarves, Fae, Demonics and Angelics. They all developed and learned how to tap into aura and through that the very nature of Erathis and thus began the use of Magick. After hundreds of years some very special beings of the races grew strong enough to even rival the very deities that made them. They were known as the Ascended. New gods were being born from these mortals and thus more verse and worlds were made and new races born and the risk of another Celestial war was at hand. So the Citadel was created

    The Citadel

    The Citadel was built on Gaia itself as a connection point for every verse it was a neutral zone for other beings from other worlds could gather and meet. To converse and trade. Along with the Citadel the Celestial Triad was formed among them Erathis and The very first Ascended. The third was named Siclides Whom was the Anti-god that Erathis created to end the Omni verse at the end of each cycle so that it would restart this was to prevent overpopulation of Ascended and to prevent the other deities from growing to powerful. To limit this even more rules were set in motion.
    A being of any race to become ascended must do the fallowing
    They must perform a glorious feat for either good or evil.
    They must prove the power they have gained in combat.
    They must gain permission from one of the three in the Triad.

    All was well in the Citadel though still wars among the mortals were still being fought and many strived to become new Ascended but in the celestial word an uneasy peace was found but even that peace may in time be threatened.
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