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Dead Guys Kill Bordom

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Re: Dead Guys Kill Bordom

Post by Cheshi on Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:04 am

Protesting that she had not been looking specifically at Necros's ass would be futile, Ophelia guessed as she slipped on the clothes. "I cannot help myself," The woman drolled. "It is not often I find myself in the presence of a perfectly preserved fossil." She couldn't resist.

Then a thought popped into her head. "Is there a gym? Somewhere that..."No, probably not a good idea. The fledgling put her hand against the wall, making a deliberate effort to not accidentally use too much force. What does a someone do when they find their lives suddenly completely changed?

Her brow furrowed and she stepped back into the hall. Too much. "I suppose there isn't a high demand for morticians amongst vampires, is there?" The sire had wondered, before. It was probably a no-brainer. "How do vampires kill boredom? Besides fucking." The last part was added rather hastily.

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