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Post by Plushie on Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:32 am

Plushie's Characters Fairy-Light-psd38369

Name: Lux Ultima Nympharum
Age: 20
Species: Light Faerie
Bio: Lux is the sole heir to an entire kingdom--lost to radiation poisoning from the Chernobyl meltdown--and has no idea. She was born to ruins. Due to the radiation she was exposed to prebirth, she glows more brightly than a faerie should. She is short tempered, and easily changes emotions in general. When she is excited, she glows even brighter.
         After Lux was brought into the world, she found herself simply wondering her irradiated wasteland. Hiding from predators, finding berries, and usually sticking to rivers. She made her way from the ruins of her kingdom and eventually found  Necros. They've inseparable ever since, much to his disliking in the beginning, but he's grown on her.
         Now that Lux stays with Necros, she doesn't go much of anywhere. Mainly this is because she is tiny and can't protect herself because so far her powers consist of minor healing. Whom and whatever she meets is because of Necros. One day she hopes to find out where she came from (in terms of her species).

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