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    Post by Guest on Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:10 am

    Viscra's profile Sarah_kerrigan_for_melike_acar_by_ertacaltinoz-d2vl5ze

    Dr. Elizabeth Williams was a professor who studied the myths of the Red markers after the incident on the planet of Tau Volantis. She worked for EarthGov in refuge after the first invasion of the necro morphs on earth. A large underground facility had only a shard of the red marker to study hoping to learn how it controlled the necromorphs. EarthGov learned its lesson and weeded out all Unatologists and made the religion punishable by death to prevent anymore out breaks. Three convergences happened at this time that she was alive leaving less the 20% of earth’s population alive and hidden deep under the ground.

    It was during an outside mission that Williams investigated one of the old facilities where The suppose Black marker was found and it was there indeed. It was not long that the mission almost ended in disaster as the insanity caused by the marker almost killed her and her team. But with new technology  they were able to find ways to protect themselves from the pulse waves the marker gave off. And managed to recover the marker.

    Home base was not about to let the marker be stored there as it was a refuge and they could not afford the marker start another infection so Williams and her team went to an isolated facility in the Antarctic ocean where she conducted her experiments. They broke down the black marker into small shard which Williams then implanted her and her team with as a last resort. They all became necromorphs but a new breed. They were able to keep the intelligence and minds and even Williams who had the very core of the marker inside of her was able to keep sanity.

    She was so powerful that she was linked to the Brethan Moon and was able to control one of them them and all the necro morphs  that were close enough to her. She managed to get inside and consume the moons mind giving her complete control of all the other moons She was now the queen of the hive mind.

    EarthGov recovered and was able to slowly rebuild but Williams and her team were now necromorphs and not trusted. She and her team were exiled from earth and the angry Williams now going by the name Viscra went into deep space gathering other Brethren moons and growing her empire one day she plans to return to earth and finished what was started there.
    With her new power she was able to infect entire planets with the necromorph virus and like her they kept intelligence and no longer required to kill the host body this evolved the necromorphs into a new species entirely. The new era has begin.

    what are necro morphs?

    The generation of Necromorphs begins with Markers. These structures re-broadcast a highly concentrated electromagnetic signal that alters any dead tissue in range on a cellular level, converting it into Necromorph tissue and re-animating the corpse of the host organism. This signal also affects the minds of intelligent life forms, usually manifesting as dementia and resulting in homicidal and suicidal actions – laying out a rich field of fodder for the Necromorph infection.[1]

    The infection is also spread directly through the Necromorph pathogen - that is, the reanimated cells created by the Markers and which compose the Necromorphs. Typically, the infection is passed to new host bodies via specialized Necromorphs such as Infectors or Swarms. In order for the Necromorph pathogen to infect a host body, the host must first be killed; for reasons unknown, living victims who come into contact with the microbes do not undergo transformation, although symptoms of paralysis, catatonia, and impaired breathing can occur. While these symptoms do not necessarily ensure the death of the host, they can make it easier for nearby Necromorphs to catch and kill the victims. Living victims that ingest Necromorph tissue in quantity undergo a slow transformation, eventually dying and becoming Feeders.

    Infection via Necromorph Swarms, witnessed during said creature's death scene, shows that the host immediately turns into a Necromorph, although into which form does the host turns into is undetermined, as the screen immediately fades, though the result Necromorph is speculated to be a Waster. Swarm-infected hosts retains their appearance prior to being "hijacked".

    Once the host is dead, the recombinant properties of the infection take hold. The process is extraordinarily rapid, and predictably violent. Cellular functions go into a self-destructive overdrive, creating new biologically active compounds which are then metabolized by reanimated flesh to fuel further mutation of once-dead flesh. Bones are broken, put together in new configurations, or reshaped into entirely new forms. All of this takes place in a matter of seconds, and generates tremendous amounts of heat. More often than not, the violently spasming corpse becomes so hot that stagnant blood boils in the veins and arteries, rupturing the skin. Vital and digestive organs that are no longer needed are turned into additional musculature, giving all Necromorphs increased physical strength.

    Pure Necromorph tissue is light pink and translucent; it is capable of independent movement and sticks to surfaces. The pink tissue is capable of consuming and reconstructing necrotic flesh, and can transform living flesh when injected directly into a living person's blood stream.

    The type of Necromorph created during infection largely depends on the location and circumstance. For example, Lurkers are usually created from the infant-like organ banks used for medical transplants or in other cases, dogs. Guardians are created from hosts who have been affixed to the Corruption, and Stalkers are believed to be created from human twins. However, some Necromorphs are clearly composed of more than one human (see Brute, Tripod or Graverobber), which is an indication that some form of intelligence is at work allocating biomass for specific use.

    In certain cases, Necromorphs have been created via the insertion of Necromorph tissue into the brain of a living host. This results in exceptionally powerful Necromorphs capable of regenerating severed appendages in a matter of seconds. The most well-known Necromorph of this type was the Hunter, an experiment of the crazed Unitologist Dr. Challus Mercer. Other similar Necromorphs include the Ubermorph encountered on Titan Station and the infected members of the S.C.A.F. Deep Dig Team on Tau Volantis.

    All Necromorphs are extremely hardy and capable of surviving in lethal environments such, as the vacuum of space. This implies a total lack of respiration or reliance upon vascular activity, which explains the Necromorphs' resistance to wounds that would cause massive blood loss due to hemorrhaging in uninfected humans.

    Many Necromorphs feature yellow, luminescent tumor-like growths or pustules; these sacs often explode violently when ruptured. It is possible that these organs serve as sources of energy for the Necromorph.

    The Necromorph infection is not only limited to humans. Dead Space: Martyr describes a Necromorph fish which behaves like all other Necromorphs, as it attacks another fish in order to kill and infect it. Lurkers, although typically created from cloned organ banks and human babies, can also be created from dogs. On the planet Tau Volantis, numerous Necromorphs created from native extraterrestrial species were encountered.

    Not all dead flesh appears to be used for mobile Necromorph forms; a massive, mat-like growth known as The Corruption is formed from dead matter. The Cyst, Nest, Guardian, and Drag Tentacles are other forms of stationary Necromorph.

    When a Convergence Event occurs, a Marker triggers a reaction that draws in and recombines all organic bodies planetwide into a massive Necromorph lifeform similar in size to a moon.  These ultimate forms are called "Brethren" moons and it is believed that there are many of them in the galaxy, lying dormant. The moon of Tau Volantis is one such creature, albeit an incomplete one.

    Types of necro morphs





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