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    Cheshire's Character page.

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    Cheshire's Character page. Empty Cheshire's Character page.

    Post by Guest on Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:46 pm

    Cheshire's Character page. Large

    Names: Lord Archibald Cheshire III

    Nickname: Chesh, Cheshire,

    Age: Over all, 75, Look: early twenties

    Species: Cheshire/Shape Shifter

    Bio: Born in the the 237th year of the Rule of Cards, Archibald Thomas Cheshire the 3rd was the first born and youngest son of Lord Archibald Thomas Cheshire the 2nd and Lady Elizabeth Marie Cheshire. For the first few years of his life Cheshire lived in rather laxed luxury, completely unaware of the tyranny of the Red Queen or the resistance movements that had sprung up. But as cliche as this world is, that was all to end in the most Clichest of ways. How chliche you ask? Well, by the death of his parents of course but as with most things, its cliche for a reason and this time the reason is that it works.

    The only other survivor of what would become known as the "Summer Smile Night Slaughter", was a long time family servant, Emily, though she isnt important at the moment so lets continue. What was important, at least to Cheshire, was finding his brother, Dire. You see, Dire was the first son of the Lord and Lady Cheshire through adoption and had been sent off with accordance to her majesties law that the first child of every house should be sent to serve in her military! So, with big brother living in the Palace of Hearts, Cheshire began his journey! Oh, and Emily came with him, because what else was she going to do? Go live her own life? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    So thats really where it began. From there he met the Tweedles, the Hatter, Mouse and Hare... from there things went bad. Being the kind of person to get side tracked easily, it was several years before Cheshire finally met his brother face to face at the Palace.  He had become the Ace of Hearts, the queens right hand! A battle ensued between the two, blades and bullets, cat and doge! The Wolf and The Mountain Lion going at it! Though, in this time, the Queen was without her most trusted guard and soon fell. Meanwhile, whilst Cheshire and Dire were battling Dire revealed the most cliche of plot twists. That it was HE who murdered their parents! In a rage Cheshire explodes and goes all out, but yet, he is unable to bring himself to kill his brother. Dire, however, has no such restraints, and in his final thrust he seeks to end Cheshire and this bloody war in one last strike "The end of the Cats starts now!" He declares!

    However MORE CLICHE'S! Remember Emily? Yeah, she had become a high ranking member of the rebellion and was here at the fight. SHe had grown up with these two boys! She remembered everything about the man that Dire was, the man she had fallen in love with, and couldnt stand to see who he had become! As such, she did what many would consider a servants duty and placed herself in between Dire and Cheshire... The Black wolf's massive Wondersteel blade, piercing through her abdomen and killing her.

    Cheshire screamed his oldest friend was dead, and yet he couldnt bring himself to murder his brother even still. So, instead, he left wonderland. His job done, he left to travel the other worlds and find a peaceful place where he could be happy. It is here that he met the Fae Izzy. The two fell in love and enjoyed some time together but as always, Wonderland called him back. It would seem that his job was not yet finished, and with the power vacuum that had been created by the queens death it would seem a worse enemy had risen to power. Once more his brother was a threat and once more Cheshire would have to face him. So, he stole away in the middle of the night, leaving
    Izzy and his life behind him to fight this new war.

    It was in the second phase that Cheshire lost everything. You see, Dire was not as forgiving as the queen had been and did all that he could to crush the rebellion! One by one Cheshire saw each of his friends fall before him. One by one he felt his sanity leave him until the final battle. It was here, that wonderland was destroyed in their battle. Each of them unleashing the full power of their hearts and bodies, and in the end, it was dire that fell. Now, with his home in ruins and nothing left to keep him here, he once again ran off to travel the realms and search for a place that he could belong... because Cliches...


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